Information about the background of the events recounted in The Madness of Captain Mills will appear on this page together with a selection of images.
Banner image: The Emigrants (from The Musical Supplement of The Illustrated London News, 19 June 1850)
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Commercial Dock, Rotherhithe, 1827 (George Cook 1793-1849)
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The Departure, Illustrated London News, 6 July 1850
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The cover to the 1848 inquiry into the voyage of the Subraon
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Ship's bell from the Subraon. Recovered in 1969 from the site of the 1848 wreck in Wellington Harbour.
Now in the Wellington Museum.
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Henry George Grey, 3rd Earl Grey (1809-1894)
He devised an Assisted Emigration Scheme which lasted from 1848 to 1850 to convey impoverished Irish emigrants to Australia. Earl Grey tea is named after his father, Charles, the 2nd Earl Grey.